Kill The Noise stirred the pot in the bass music community today when he shared a not-so-cryptic clue on his Facebook regarding some momentous collaborations in his pipeline. Today, April 9, the producer, real name Jake Stanczak, wrote, “Two of these collabs are coming soon…” to caption a picture of his logo alongside those of Skrillex, Seven Lions, and Snails.

If recent performances are any indicator, the Seven Lions collaboration looms closely on the horizon, having made appearances in a number of Stanczak’s sets. While Skrillex and Kill The Noise have a strong history of collaborative originals and remixes, it’s been three years since the pair released “Recess” and their remix of Duck Sauce’s “NRG” with Milo & Otis. No collaboration between Stanczak and Snails yet exists in an official capacity, though the Québécois producer did remix “FUK UR MGMT” in 2016.

For the time being, we’ll have to wait to see how this unfolds, but it’s safe to say Kill The Noise has quite a bit up his sleeve for the bass music community in the near future.

H/T: Reddit (r/skrillex)

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