On Saturday, Frank Ocean took to his Beats1 show blonded RADIO to debut his latest single, “Biking,” featuring two longtime collaborators: Jay Z and Tyler, The Creator. This isn’t the first time that the elusive R&B singer has used the radio show to release new music; first, “Slide” with Calvin Harris and Migos debuted on the program in February, followed by numerous versions of his single “Chanel” just last month.

“Biking” is an introspective piece on anxiety and depression, inescapable even under the guise of the three artists’ fame. The track begins over a faded piano melody with a cautious warning from Hova to Frank and Tyler, advising them to cash in while their luck is hot, rapping “‘Fore it goes down, n***a, get you some icicles.”

Frank offers two verses and the hook on “Biking,” where he muses on the US government’s involvement in marriage and on substance abuse, a common theme in his music. Before ending with a frantic outro where the artist breaks out of his typical restraint, Tyler reinforces the metaphor of life as a bike ride. Imagery of the gold chains on Tyler’s neck inevitably beading with sweat as he rides his bike reminds listeners that even some of the biggest names in rap and R&B are not immune to uncertainty and anxiety.

Listen to “Biking” below:

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