France’s own Douchka dropped an emotional single on March 31st called “Call You Mine” with Canadian singer Lia. Released through Nowadays Records, this single of love and longing is one that may just bring a tear to your eyes. It shares point of view that a lot of us have found ourselves in sometime in the past, or even now. Let the feels rain.

“Call You Mine” sounds like it’s going to be a poppy, upbeat song about a love story. Instead, it flips things with a tone that’s much less A-okay, but the song itself is A+ dope. Douchka perfectly embodies the emotion that the lyrics convey. Lia’s performance on this song oozes with raw feelings that, if the instrumental didn’t do it already, will put you over the edge. Catch a copy of this single on digital stores or add it to your Spotify playlist. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy.

Original post:Electronic – The Music Ninja