Hypnotic Grooves is Dancing Astronaut’s bi-weekly space for nothing but true, unadulterated trance and progressive. Only the highest quality sounds are valued here, curated with a mission to show the thriving, yet often underexposed side of these genres. The first half of each mix starts off deep and progressive, featuring music from labels such as Lost&Found, Last Night On Earth, and Sudbeat. Then, we venture into trance territory, travelling through various shades of uplifting, tech, and psy that display the music’s artistry and credibility in a climate where it’s widely disregarded.

Volume 5 of Hypnotic Grooves begins on a dreamy note before heading into heavier territory. Kicking off the progressive section are James Gill with his entrancing single, “Villa Borghese,” off his new Sudbeat-backed EP and Patrice Bäumel with an ethereal remix of Khen’s “Land Of Goshen,” which he pumps full of emotion. Adding gravity into the mix, mau5trap newcomer Rinzen provides a hint of dark, scintillating synth-work in his single “Renegade,” which feeds perfectly into Matt Lange’s new composition “Count It” – a delightful, yet heavy techno piece with trance overtones that leads us into the trance half of the mix.

While the last edition featured a slew of uplifting classics, the tech trance arena was on fire this time around. Bryan Kearney’s “Adrenaline,” a John Askew re-work, and a brand new Aly & Fila single make the fray. Perhaps the most epic, however, is Indecent Noise’s insane, retro-influenced piece “Serpent,” which is a wild ride through driving, emotive, and tech-filled soundscapes.

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