Brooklyn-based producer Flamingosis has seen his star rise considerably in the past year. His remix of Rhoda’s “For You” marked his first appearance on Dancing Astronaut, before becoming a common inclusion in our Sunday Morning Medicine collections. Now, the esteemed sample-smith has provided an hour-long mix for the 192nd edition of our AXIS series.

With a style that can transform from chill-hop, to disco, and everything in between, the artist has a prime track record of cherry-picking eclectic samples from some of the best jazz, RnB, and funk tracks available. Whether he’s pushing the tempo or allowing a swinging backbeat to propel the mix, the common thread is an ear for deploying the perfect sample to accentuate an undeniable groove. With spring having officially sprung, Flamingosis’ AXIS mix provides the ideal complement for the year’s first outdoor dance parties.

1. Flamingosis x Tokyo Megaplex – Herbie

2. Mall Grab – Can’t Take it No More

3. Letherette – Dog Brush

4. Max Graef – Itzehoe

5. Lindsay Lowend – Feb 19

6. Greybox – Move it Like

7. Robots Can’t Dance – The Bizness

8. Lafa Taylor & Aabo – Turn My Music Up (Flamingosis remix)

9. Flamingosis x The Kount – Natural

10. Harvey Sutherland – New Paradise

11. Flamingosis – Dorothy

12. Flamingosis – Layover

13. Flamingosis – Is it Worth It? (Lemme Work It)

14. Delakeyz – Sunday Jam

15. Mall Grab – Father

16. Mocky – Tomorrow Maker (Flamingosis x The Kount edit)

17. The Bucketheads – The Bomb

18. Flamingosis – She’s a Bitch

19. Flamingosis x Yung Bae – Doo Do Doooo

20. Geotheory – Come To Me

21. Letherette – Cherryade

22. Flamingosis x The Kount – Keep Shining

23. Flamingosis x The Kount – Mocky Edit

24. Dom$olo – uuuUuuUuuuUuUu

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