After stirring up controversy last week by calling out EDM’s biggest names, Zhu used his Ultra stage time to perform a subtle and sexy set full of surprises. Live stage attendees were treated to a moody performance with the producer and his band silhouetted against dark, smoky graphics. The mysterious producer offered up a flip of Gorillaz’ latest single “Andromeda” (as promised earlier in the day) as well as a new original track, reportedly titled “Intoxicate”. Though Zhu teased the latter on Instagram earlier this week, it was the first taste of new music from the producer since last summer’s prolific Generationwhy.

The show also saw Zhu circling back to previous cryptic hints regarding an unspecified project: The Blacklizt. The website doesn’t reveal much, but fans who entered their number at the website were sent texts last night confirming their guest list status for what now seems to be an exclusive event. Though no details have yet to be confirmed, the website is still taking entries.

Watch the two new tracks below and head to to stay up to date.