Over the past year, Slaptop has been giving out bits and pieces of his first full-length album to his quickly growing fanbase, and the response has been suitably positive. The day has finally arrived, and With You is available in its entirety.

Starting it off strong with “Panama,” Slaptop showcases the style of house where he truly shines, on the production side of things – just take his official remix of Bob Moses‘ hit “Tearing Me Up,” as a previous example – as well as on the vocals, which he performs himself. Similarly, “With You,” “Change,” and “Palm” all follow this signature style, and all feature the man himself on the vocals.

Along with his own voice, Slaptop gathers quite the team of vocalists for the album. Many of the collaborative tracks are where the young producer departs from his usual style, such as the melodic house piece “Another Life,” with Geneva White, to the more disco-oriented “Passengers,” featuring Will Fraker. Slaptop goes so far as to venture into future bass with “I Try” and “Come Down,” and even some R&B with “What I Mean.”

With You does what any great album should do: solidifies the artists signature style while exploring entirely new areas of creativity. As such, it is a stellar debut album that bodes particularly well for a long, successful career that is sure to be ahead of the young talent.

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