There is really no exact way to describe the emotional and physical distress of someone who has been affected by cancer. Whether it be a family member, friend, or even yourself, the trials and tribulations of fighting such an unremitting disease can leave many in a state of disillusion. Finding light in a dark situation is never easy, but for Panamanian producer Rell The Soundbender, it was an essential component in his road to recovery.

After months battling Hodgkin’s disease in his home country, Rell the Soundbender – aka Eduardo Morrell – found solace in creating and listening to music. Written during his last treatment of chemotherapy, Rell describes in a detailed op-ed the development of his new song “Bloom” with California songstress Satica.

“Bloom” is essentially built around notions of moving forward and finding appreciation in a life fully lived. Unlike Rell’s past releases that cater towards a more heavy, bass-fueled sound, his new release is a cool-headed, perceptive piece. Even the story behind Rell and Satica’s collaboration is equally touching in the sense that the song was created in two very different locations, yet was constructed through a shared appreciation of pure, basic inspiration and emotion. Now that Rell has successfully conquered one of life’s largest obstacles, he’s giving himself the proper platform to propel himself forward and come out of the experience stronger than ever.

Rell The Soundbender on “Bloom”:

Bloom is a special record for both myself and Satica. The way it came together in itself already makes it special due to the fact that we weren’t in studio nor was it planned. Bloom was written, in a sense, from two different countries; but the energy and message behind it still translated and brought it together. At the time I started writing, I was nearing the end of my treatments in Panama and had begun writing music that reflected that feeling of reflection and gratitude. Satica was here in Los Angeles and had just joined Transparent Agency. I was already a huge fan of hers after hearing “The View” , so naturally, when the idea of her possibly writing to it came about, I without question was on board.

Bloom wasn’t written with any intention of a big release or showing it to the world, it was simply me returning to the basic form of inspiration, allowing my emotions to dictate what I came up with. I think it’s safe to say it was the same with Satica. I was always hesitant when it came to showing my other creative side because everything I had been writing up to that point was full of energy and aggressive, but after everything I had gone through, those hesitations were no longer a concern, and I just wanted to put my emotions out there as a way of saying thank you. Over the past two years I’ve gone back and touched it up here and there , showing it to a few people, but I was still holding it close because again, it wasn’t something I had intention of presenting.

Fast forward to now, I’m 2 years cancer free, I continued to move forward with my life and made the big jump to California and have continued to slowly progress with my career. I feel like now is a perfect time to tell my story and to share what Satica and I came up with that literally told our stories for us without even stepping foot in the same room.

I know I wasn’t the first to experience a life changing event and certainly won’t be the last, so hopefully this song will help inspire someone else to continue fearlessly pushing and striving to real their goals.

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