LA’s OWSLA collective is gearing up to drop their annual spring collection, which is slated to land on May 5. This year, the label comes together on HOWSLA, led by brand new Chris Lake material. The new compilation, titled with a clever play on words, features a number of new house-leaning highlights from Skrillex‘s roster of artists. Judging by the lead-off track from Chris Lake, the bar-setting “I Want You,” we can safely expect some dance floor gems on the new compilation.

The track is a soon-to-be house setlist staple, aligning perfectly with Chris Lake’s bubbling UK-house catalog and rolling out complete with a harrowing video featuring a morgue-turned lusting dance floor. The release also comes with the launch of a new OWSLA summer residency focused on the accompanying compilation’s house-favoring aesthetic. Stationed at Hollywood’s Le Jardin, the eight-week run will take place on Sundays from May 28 – September 3.

OWSLA’s team was not immediately available to comment on the rest of compilation’s track list, though for the last two years, the OWSLA spring compilation has featured at least one original production from Skrillex himself.

H/T: Billboard

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