2017 has spelled a year of uncertainty for the majority of the electronic dance community. Where many have chased the instant gratification of quick hits and tired vocal chop singles, others have turned to more traditional club sounds to seek some form of lasting relevance. All in all, there’s a lot of lost soul. How refreshing then that mau5trap, the label headed by one of dance music’s more outspoken global players, is holding its form and colour with little regard to the buzz of commercial appropriation. This trait of the label shows in their investment in young Oliver Winters, a UK newcomer already calling OWSLA home courtesy of his debut EP offering, In The Flood.

Winter’s garnered considerable kudos for his remix of  deadmau5’s landmark, “Strobe,” so the young Brit’s return to the label among the latest We Are Friends compilation comes as little surprise. There’s a sense of club savvy techno sensibility meeting a more traditional flare of progressive finesse for “Stand Your Ground,” a track aptly-named for the stance mau5trap is taking within the modern market. The track sits comfortably among the plethora of new friends inaugurated via the return of the popular tastemaker series, but also sounds like a indisputable spike in stamina from the British contender.


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