In a stunning display of brand synergy, Oliver Heldens collaborated with his high energy, deep house alias HI-LO on “The Answer,” released via Heldeep Records. Teased a week prior, both the full version of the feel-good release and its accompanying video have “The Answer” in globally tumultuous times – music!

The retro video juxtaposes happy clips of dancing people and chimps alike with bits of violent protest, offering a parallel between the two unlikely forces. Either by a close up of someone mouthing the lyrics or curious picket signs held up by smiley faces, the visual contains bits of lyrics for viewers to enjoy.

Notoriously celebratory of the “Peace Love Unity Respect” manifesto, the Dutch producer coins HI-LO as his underground deep house project. It’s a treat when the multi-dimensional artist fuses two equally energizing soundscapes, and the result is in the lyrics to “The Answer,”

“Music is the answer/ To your problems/

Keep on moving/ And you can solve them.”

“The Answer’s” official music video is available to view above.

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