Over the last two decades, Daft Punk have incontrovertibly shaped the course of dance music. Their body of work is canonized electronic gospel, and though their catalog has, in recent years, come to feature familiar faces and heavy star power in the likes of The Weeknd, Giorgio Moroder, and Nile Rodgers, Daft Punk originally staked their claim in the dance space as some of the world’s greatest crate diggers and sample junkies. A look back at some of The Robots’ most recognizable products reveals the duo’s incredibly keen ears, sophisticated palates, and earliest sonic influences. Thanks to a new video mixed by Daftworld, fans can dive right into the treasure trove of originals that inspired some of Daft Punk’s greatest hits.

Snippets from ELO, Eddie Johns, Sister Sledge, and Barry Manilow are played alongside their Daft Punk counterparts, highlighting Tomas and Guy-Manuel’s legendary sampling sensibilities. Harnessing disco, funk, and blues clips, the French house pioneers crafted some of the most iconic dance tracks of all time, and perhaps even the foundation of modern day electronic dance music altogether.

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