It didn’t take long for Khen’s name to permeate the progressive sphere. His masterful skill at production and in crafting pieces which maintain an edgy feel despite being heavily melodic and ethereal. After releasing his groundbreaking debut album, One Day Of Independence, on Lost&Found, the rising talent has now been picked up by John Digweed for an EP on Bedrock.

Baby Steps exudes the quality of sound expected from any release on the famed imprint. Khen commences the extended player with an entrancing, dissonant title track. Haunting melodies cast a shadowy, yet beautiful aura over the track as they’re accompanied by consistent bass and fluttery, yet sturdy percussion.

Contrary to what its title might suggest, “Mountain’s Air” is the heaviest track of Baby Steps. The piece is relatively minimal in nature, yet packs in a good deal of seduction with a smooth, enhanced bass-line and intriguing drum patterns that propel it forward. Meanwhile, its simple, yet catchy topline ties it together.

Khen closes his three-track collection out with an atmospheric “Paredolia,” which explores lush, ambient soundscapes stuffed with glittery, light synths and subtle string accents gracing the background. Subtle percussion gently coaxes the  track along with just subtle hints of rhythm that serve the general aesthetic of the tune well.

All in all, Baby Steps is a well-rounded body of work that is well-deserving of its label home. The EP exemplifies just how far Khen has come in such a short timespan, and foreshadows an even more successful future for the budding progressive powerhouse.

Listen to the full EP, premiered by Mixmag, below:

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