International project HOWLING – aka the collaborative effort of RY X with Frank Wiedemann of Âme – resurfaced this week with a new single, “Phases,” after a lengthy hiatus. In 2015, they released their Sacred Ground LP, which introduced the pair’s beautifully constructed sonic synergy and novelty production. The duo was quickly swept up by Ninja Tune‘s coveted label Counter Records, home to artists like Odesza, Maribou State, Tiga, Chrome Sparks, and more, and have remained staple members of the label’s eccentric roster ever since. Now, HOWLING is finally back to deliver a brand-new track in lieu of their recently announced forthcoming album.

“Phases” is a powerful piece from start to finish. Beginning with light, layered vocal chops and minimal beatwork, the song softly transitions into a steady 4/4 rhythm with a billowing, atmospheric soundscape. A harrowing vocal performance further carries the single, before ending in fragile flurry of subdued synths and steady hi-hats.

We began this track with a few synths and some obscure vinyl samples when we had some time together in California in an old wood and stone house looking down over the sea… everything was recorded there with all the beautiful scratch and hiss of a lounge room with windows open to the world… we shaped it further playing it live, learnt how it needed to flow and gently coerced it when we could in Berlin and Ibiza and anywhere we found ourselves in between… it found its way to its many forms and carries all those places and moments with it now..

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