Music has the power to intrinsically change you-it can alter your emotions, your thought patterns, and even transport you to another place and time. For your sonic travels this week, look no further than “Jupiter,” the appropriately-titled new release from Protocol Recordings by Funkybeat & Asters. With its unique combination of disco-influenced melodies and funky instrumentals, this track is an instant mood-booster and feels like a journey back in time to the gilded parties of the 70s and 80s. The uplifting, cinematic theme of the track is complemented by the guitar riffs that comprise its top line, adding texture and intrigue to its overall aesthetic. “Jupiter” represents a modern shift for Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings as the label opens its doors to a wider variety of music genres, and Funkybeat and Asters are talented fresh additions to its roster. The track will be also featured on upcoming “Protocol presents Miami 2017” compilation mixed by Nicky Romero.


Both Funkybeat and the duo of Asters hail from Italy, a country widely known for its culinary delights but perhaps underrated for its native musical genius. The three producers teamed up for “Jupiter” after getting to know one another through the dance music community, and we’re certainly glad they did. Funkybeat is heavily inspired by disco and funk from the 70’s and 80’s; you can hear the influence of legends like Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Michael Jackson in his modern-but-old school productions. Asters-otherwise known as Alessio Parrinello and Marco Matera-are making a name for themselves with support from heavyweights like Hardwell, Michael Woods, and Bingo Players. Funkybeat and Asters both possess unique sounds in the realm of electronic music, a quality that is essential for up-and-coming producers to be successful in the ever-evolving music landscape. Put these two names on your radar, because you’ll likely be hearing a lot more about them in the future.