Portugal’s cutting edge electronic music label Piston Recordings reaches a double milestone in 2017 as it celebrates 10 years as well as its 300th release. To mark this occasion we get a dosing of Deep House grooves on the two-track ‘300 EP’ courtesy of label head honcho, Rogerio Martins. Since 2007 Rogerio has showed true grit and determination to get his label to where it is today, at the forefront of a worldwide scene where the sounds of Piston are championed by a multitude of top DJs. The Piston ethos has been embraced by many artists and the demand is ever more popular and artists from around the world delight at the prospect of releasing their material through Piston which is why there is a consistent stream of quality cuts. Here’s to another 300 releases and another 10 years!

Containing the tracks ‘No Gimmicks’ and ‘Find The Love’, release date is scheduled for

March 27th but you can have an exclusive listen here on I Want EDM.

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