Burgeoning producer DUCKY spans the dance music spectrum with her bubbling catalog, which ranges from rave-ready hardcore tunes to buzzing future bass and trap pieces. Embracing her project’s fierce DIY-approach, DUCKY has put up a brand new original cut “I Can Do It Myself,” on her newly-minted imprint, QUACKHOUSE, that represents the artist’s aesthetic with a boisterous new party-starter.

Introduced with syrupy sirens and pitched-down vocals, the track quickly drops into a rave-inspired four on the floor break before being broken up by a gritty, distorted half-time bounce. Carried by heavy kicks and tight hi-hat flurries, “I Can Do It Myself” is a menacing trap/house hybrid that requires a healthy measure of dance floor elbow room. Best of all, the tune is being given away totally free of charge. With high-profile exposure from NEST releases to NPR coverage in 2016, DUCKY is bound to have a breakout year in 2017.

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