Three talented artists get in the studio with arguably the most prolific producers of recent memory; mediocrity ensues. So goes the sad story of Calvin Harris‘ hotly anticipated collaboration with Young Thug, Pharrell, and Ariana Grande. Unfortunately for all involved, “Heatstroke” is a tepid tangle of vanilla nonsense.

While the song’s melody attempts to tap into a classic disco vibe, the mix lacks the compelling punch shared by that era’s best and this generation’s inheritors. The listener fatigue is exacerbated by a cringeworthy vocal hook which asks, ironically: “How can anyone get tired?” Samples of someone doing their best Kanye West impression play like terribly un-subliminal messages, begging listeners to “have a good time!” in a dizzying loop of lazy songwriting. Though they are the undoubted highlight, even Young Thug’s idiosyncratic vocals can’t save this track from itself.

We’ll go back to listening to “Slide” and forget this thing ever happened.

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