The Upbeats have been one of the main tastemakers in DnB for over ten years, cementing their status in the pillars of modern bass music in the process. Their style has undergone an evolution over the ages, as EDM progressed from being an underground genre to the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. However, their overall sound pattern has remained rooted in hard, uncompromising neurofunk.

Every once in a blue moon though, the veteran duo migrate away from their signature sound design to the softer, deeper and more melodious realms of DnB, resulting in some stellar music. Songs like “Elevator” from De-Evolution Part I are a testament to this fact. Their latest single “Veiled” is one of their best “liquid DnB” singles to date from the group’s third installment in the De-Evolution EP series.

With it, The Upbeats have effortlessly managed to forge a musical odyssey filled with spellbinding yet melancholic synths leads and gorgeous bass elements, leaving listeners craving for more. “Veiled” is not just an amazing DnB song, but epic EDM to boot. Listen to the single, which is out on March 3 via Vision recordings, below:

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