Fans of outfits such as Daft Punk and Justice should make a point to check out three-piece live-electronic band Savoy‘s newest EP, Tomorrow Today, Pt. 1. In their fifth EP, the group show why they deserve their stellar reputation of producing some of the most authentic rock-influenced electronica of the modern day.

Half of the EP had been previously released as singles, including the Bright Lights-assisted “The Wolf,” the genre-defying “Neon Nebraska,” and “Living Color,” the group’s disco-infused collaboration with vocalist Fatherdude. Out of the newly-released tracks, the first of the lot, “Say No More,” stands out as a flawless representation of Savoy’s rock influence, characterized by its searing guitar, heavy bass, and upbeat rhythm.

Both of the other new tracks from the release – “Wolf Pt. 2” and “Stay” – are toned quite differently from the rest of the EP. “Wolf Pt. 2,” which has the subtitle “He Only Comes Out At Night,” takes on a much darker, electronic tone, seemingly influenced by 1980s the electronic music of Kavinsky‘s wheelhouse. On the other hand, “Stay,” is much more modern, with elements of melodic dubstep and future bass, which are duly complemented by Jojee‘s evocative vocals.

With Tomorrow Today, Pt.1, Savoy use their versatile styles of production and instrumentation to successfully recreate the last half-century of music in their own image.

Tickets are available for Savoy’s ongoing live tour here.

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