The Launchpad is a biweekly series showcasing hot new music hand selected by our staff. The tracks in these curated playlists come from both underground and mainstream artists that we love. If you’d like to see your music featured in the Launchpad, you can submit it for consideration here.

Today we embark on a journey into the deeper side of the dance music spectrum. This eclectic compilation will traverse through deep, dance anthems, upbeat house tunes, and much else in between.


Jengi Beats has started the year on a high note with the release of his two-track EP, Colors. The prolific Dutch-based producer flexes his skills with “High,” showcasing an impressive composition of hypnotizing vocals, addictive synth stabs, and warm, atmospheric chords.

Copi Chon’s latest single, “Mumble,” sets a very exciting tone for the Russian-based producer’s forthcoming album, Camphora. Displaying an array of minimal percussion loops, subtle sub bass grooves, and reverb-laden vocal samples, this track will take any listener into the mystical depths of the underground.

“Arcadia” is described by it’s creator as a narrative of one’s journey finding their calling, which becomes very apparent after listening. Daniel Verhagen, the rising Melbourne-based underground producer, has assembled an epic techno journey comprised of delicate piano notes, progressive and deep synth melodies, all perfectly tied together with elegant ambiance-inducing pads and samples.

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