For the past two years, San Francisco-based producer Stephen Kaplan has made a point to push the envelope of analog-driven electronic music under the Kaptain moniker. In 2016, Kaplan solidified his style though the release of his well-received When The Sky Shimmers EP and a selection of thoughtfully composed singles.

For his first release of the new year, Kaptain strongly continues his odyssey toward old school production supremacy with “Distracted.” The producer’s newest output celebrates his mastery of modular synthesis in a compelling fashion. Bolstered by a vocal sample from the Temptations, dynamic rhythms, and the guitar work of frequent collaborator Brizzy, “Distracted” centers around lo-fi – but formidable – LFOs that take on the timbre of a 2013-era Pretty Lights.

Retrospective, but firmly modern, Kaptain’s newest track is among his more remarkable works to date.

“Distracted is available to stream and download below:

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