Get ready for a blazing 2017 season, as Chocolate Puma and Pep & Rash provide you with its mesmerizing anthem. ‘The Stars Are Mine’ says it all, the sky is the limit with this overwhelming tune, and after overwhelming DJ support it’s now ready to conquer the rest of the world’s festival stages – out now on Spinnin’ Deep.

‘The Stars Are Mine’ marks an exciting new step for both acts, laying down a vintage techno groove, while dropping cool basslines and warped synths, as well as vocals provided by ‘Pep’ himself – a special moment in the producer’s career, providing the track with a unique personal touch.

“We met the Chocolate Puma guys during a gig in Germany last year. We immediately hit it off; they’re crazy, very funny guys! We quickly came with the idea of making music together, did two studio sessions, which resulted in ‘The Stars Are Mine’. And yeah, you can hear Jesse (‘Pep’) sing on this track. At first he was whistling the chords, then Chocolate Puma’s Rene wrote some lyrics and Jesse started singing these – worked like a charm!” – Pep & Rash

“We’ve had a fun time with Pep & Rash in de studio and together we came up with the idea for this track without having an upfront planning or so. We forced Pep a little bit into singing on this track and we feel it just worked out great as we can all see from the positive reactions on the dance floor.” – Chocolate Puma

Artist info
Dutch powerhouse duo Chocolate Puma knows how to drop classics, they’ve almost invented the term as the guys started out producing music in the early 90s, delivering club hits under several artist names. Most famous are probably The Goodmen and Jark Prongo –just check these names on the web and discover a collection of awesome oldskool house music!

As they helped shape the original house genre, the duo always kept on producing up-to-date tunes under the name Chocolate Puma. Recently, as oldskool house sounds have gained popularity again, this resulted in several big releases, including their summer 2015 hit single ‘I Could Be Wrong’, the Tommie Sunshine collab ’Scrub The Ground’, and collabs with Oliver Heldens, HI-LO, Laidback Luke and Sander van Doorn.

Pep & Rash entered the scene about two years ago, quickly counting as the newest taste on the block. The duo dropped its claim to fame single ‘Rumors’, coming with major DJ support, making sure all the heads were turned onto these Dutchies.

As the year progressed, Pep & Rash proved itself a steady provider of festival crowdpleasers. The guys did a much acclaimed collab with Sander van Doorn, releasing ‘White Rabbit’ (an amazing take on the same named 60s classic) on Spinnin’ Records, and released ‘Red Roses’ and ‘Love The One You’re With’, two highly anticipated follow-ups to ‘Rumors’.

Meanwhile, the duo stepped up to do major performances on club and festival stages everywhere. Along with their productions, Pep & Rash have been praised for their very own music style, taking house music to new grounds, bringing out-of-the-box bass and melody lines, incorporating surprising elements with samples and effects.