Helena Hauff is among the elite league of DJs welcomed into Apple Music’s Beats 1 Residency program for 2017, placing her alongside influencers such as Kölsch, Eats Everything, and deadmau5. Taking note of the Werkdiscs label regular’s broadcast mixing prowess, BBC Radio 1 recruited Hauff to provide the final Essential Mix of February.

The Essential Mix has had it’s share of transcendent and club-germane techno in 2017, with stellar outputs already from the likes of Adriatique and Pan-Pot. Helena Hauff, however, has disrupted this trend by dedicating much of her mix to techno’s harder, more driving edge. Over the course of her two-hour set, Hauff blends distorted, industrial techno with metallic electro, erratic breaks, and tinges of acid house and EBM.

Drawing from the likes of The Hacker and Dark Vektor, the German DJ puts forth a raw, cerebral endeavor that would please Boys Noize even in his most discerning mood.

Listen to Helena Hauff’s Essential Mix debut


1. Obergman – Rosetta
2. Jensen Interceptor – Mactavis
3. Urbanjedi – Journey To Jupiter
4. Sync 24 & Silicon Sally – Clickjacking (Vōx Edit)
5. Transparent Sound – No Call From New York (Original Acid Remix)
6. Fallbeil – Kontrolled Madness
7. w1b0 – Utopia Planitia
8. Sem – Hybrid
9. A Credible Eye Witness – Episode 6
10. The Exaltics – The Crash
11. Dynarec – Moving Corridors
12. DMX Krew – X-ray
13. Drexciya – Unknown Journey IV
14. Drexciya – Black Sea (Aqualung Version)
15. Dynarec – Capital Sins
16. The Hacker – At Night
17. BS1 – The Only Exit
18. Cosmic Force – Bass Drum Kix
19. Aux 88 – Interface
20. Dark Vektor – Vektorial
21. Das Muster ft. Nincho9000 – Fern Und Nah
22. Photodementia – Postpre
23.Micro Controlled Corp. – Life Style
24. DJ Di’jital – Bang
25. The Martians – Eagle Dance
26. The Horrorist – The Virus
27. Alien FM – It’s About The Bangin
28. The Advent – ID
29. UR – Nannytown
30. AS1 – Speaker Sex
31. Paul Blackford – Fallout
32. Adam Beyer – ID
33. DJ Stingray – Nudge Theory
34. Urban Tribe – Rna World

H/T: 1001 Tracklists

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