You might not recognize the name Danielle Bregoli, but you’ve for sure seen her meme. Bregoli is better known as the “cash me outside” girl who went absolutely viral after appearing on Dr. Phil and saying, “cash me outside, how bow dah” … for some reason. The internet ran with it and started memeing the f*ck out of Bregoli, doing anything from remixes to dances and more. 13-year-old Bregoli has now just starred in her first music video, taking up every frame in Kodak Black’s “Everything 1K.” A WorldStar Hip Hop exclusive – no surprise there – Bregoli is shown hanging out in a Rolls Royce and showing off wads of cash. Other than that, she’s just on her phone or standing around. Have we finally reached critical mass when a girl who becomes a meme at 13 can now star in a music video premiered by WorldStar Hip Hop? Clearly. Is it a bad thing? We honestly can’t tell. Bregoli has already reprised her role on Dr. Phil for a second time, and the results weren’t much more endearing than last time. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: “Cash Me Outside” Girl Just Starred In Her First Music Video

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“Cash Me Outside” Girl Just Starred In Her First Music Video