Named one of our Artists to Watch in 2017, Raito is not waiting long to live up to that prediction. The up-and-coming French producer is making waves with his Boysnoize Records-backed EP. A precise, yet hard-hitting blend of old and new, The Dream sees Raito transmogrify elements of his unique brand of techno into breakbeat and house structures.

“Rave 92” and “Speaker Burner” are both emblematic of this decadent combination, with fine-tuned percussion complemented by almost latent synths, these tracks lend a modern touch to the retro rave sounds of decades past. “Gunman” lays a framework of thick nostalgia with unhinged broken beats and old school vocal samples. “The Dream,” which premiered on Dancing Astronaut last week, rounds out the aggression found throughout the rest of the EP with ethereal keys, house loops, and breakbeat interludes.

Though Raito’s style has evolved significantly with each EP, his quality is consistently of a high caliber. Médéric Martin, the man behind the moniker, has put out over a dozen impeccable tracks in the past year. Before 2016 various compilations by Main Course and BNR featured remixes from Martin, he collaborated with Deapmash on the Den Start/Stop EP.

Early fans will also recall when Martin showed just how innovative he planned to be in his single “Hot Temptation,” an aggressively minimal techno track which gained support from a number of high-ranking DJs. In 2016 Raito released his Giant and Moon Dance EPs, in addition to collaborating with REZZ on the pugnacious midtempo track, “Alien.”

We’re excited to see where Raito will take project in 2017 as he continues to pump out his avant-garde take on electronic music with releases like The Dream.

Listen to the full EP below:

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