Above & Beyond lit up crowds all over with their anthemic hit “Blue Sky Action,” featuring vocals by their newest collaborator Alex Vargas. Now, their former Anjunabeats protégé Maor Levi along with the rest of his pop/bass group Bad Royale have decided to flip it into a version that stands completely on its own.

Rather than utilizing a fast-paced 4/4 base with airy synths that create a euphoric atmosphere, Bad Royale take the song to a more sensual level by providing R&B foundation through Ruby Chase’s vocals that is reminiscent of the genre’s heyday in the 1990s. The group’s take take is quite an interesting departure from the original to say the least, and would appeal to a whole new range of music consumers.

“Blue Sky Action” is not the only Above & Beyond single Bad Royale’s injected their own flavor into; it’s one of three in an EP dedicated toward remaking singles from the album We Are All We Need into brand new classics.

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