AudioStorm returns in 2017 with this superb effort entitled ‘Lethal Engine’ which boasts two originals and two exceptional remixes from Rise and Fall and Robert R. Hardy. As ever we’re treated to nothing but the best of quality from this guy, just like his last outing for Bonzai Progressive‘Underground Culture’ as well as several other remixes.

Before we get to the remixes we have two superb originals – ‘Lethal Engine’ and ‘Suspense’. Both tracks offer up sublime progressive grooves and will certainly turn a few heads. ‘Lethal Engine’ hits us with a dark and moody Prog vibe filled with tight drums and hypnotic arps. The break is a sublime sequence and when that vocal comes through the track blows up, a definite dancefloor destroyer. ‘Suspense’ also delivers the goods on the progressive front with a solid workout that drives with an intense vibe. Well-crafted drum patterns lead the way as a meandering bassline casually works its way through the sound. Contrasting high frequencies work perfectly with the sub sounds here making this one a definite must have.

Rise and Fall is back on remix duties and here he takes ‘Lethal Engine’ to a whole new dimension with his unique brand of Prog. Right from the off you are drawn to the groove with its almost downtempo vibe, but as the track evolves we are taken deeper, much deeper. This one is a solid builder with layer upon layer revealing subtle changes that have a huge impact. The big hitter here though is the acid sequence that seems to go on forever. Enough said, do not miss this one you will not be disappointed.

Reis Robert aka Robert R. Hardy returns to Bonzai Progressive on the remix and here he gets to grips with ‘Suspense’ and delivers a superb slice for our listening pleasure. The track intros with muted kicks against subtle percussions before the kicks get their thump and the percussion section starts to shuffle creating a steady rhythmic groove. Soft melodic arps linger as a warm bassline rises up enveloping the sound beautifully. A pure hypnotic groove that will draw a lot of attention no doubt.

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