Another year has come and gone, and while 2016 was loaded with experiences both wonderful and trying, we’re excited to welcome the prospects of 2017 with open arms. As the year just begins to blossom, today happens to be the birthday of one of our favorite artists, the one and only Sonny Moore, AKA Skrillex. To celebrate, Erick Castro has filmed another speed painting of the nicest sprite in town, and like his other work, it’s pretty damn incredible. Watch the video below as Castro’s sketch evolves from lines to near perfect likeness of Skrillex in less than four minutes. Castro even had some words for the man himself. ”I finished, looked into your eyes, and felt pride. Doing it was indeed a great honor. A sorta deep feeling – one that can’t be explained in words – dwells inside this drawing. But I know it is good. I guess it’s because there’s more Sonny than Skrillex in it. The guy behind the dubstep, the spaceship, and all the fame. I just wanted to thank Sonny Moore for doing what he feels, and feeling what he does. ‘Cause that’s precisely what makes your work so special and unique. Thanks for inspiring not only me but also millions of young people all over the globe. What comes from the heart is worth more than everything there is in this galaxy. Yeah… Guess I’m not done yet… Quite the contrary, I have just begun. Thank you, Skrillex. Thank you, Sonny John Moore. Happy birthday, man! Best regards, from Erick Castro and all the Skrillex fans in Brazil and around the world.” This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Watch This Fan’s Speed Painting Of Skrillex For His Birthday

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Watch This Fan’s Speed Painting Of Skrillex For His Birthday