The new year promises to be very exciting for Skrillex fans. One of the most prolific artists of the modern electronic age, Skrillex’s breakneck production pace in 2016 was only overshadowed by Eric Prydz’s prolific outputs. The OWSLA label leader maintains his pace leading moving into 2017 with what is thought to be an all new track from his personal collection.  During his performance at Echostage in Washington, DC this past weekend, Skrillex treated fans to an ID that shook the crowd to its core.  After dropping “Rock N Roll (Will Take You To the Mountain),” he turned things up a notch with a production that will undoubtedly make diehard Skrillex fans squeal.

The clip is short and the quality leaves something to be desired, but those who were in the audience can attest — this one bangs. Now let’s just hope it sees the light of day in 2017.