Boogie Angst familiars LENFANT have been a strong experimental leg to Kraak & Smaak’s emerging indie dance powerhouse. Breaking into the final leg of 2016 with their debut EP for the label, Fear Of.. is by far the most in-depth showcase of their instrumentally charged indie sound. Tracks like ‘Change’ and ‘Imperfection’ are a clear identifier of the acts core musical values, resonating with the same focussed stamina as their accompanying live act whilst also portraying a sound otherwise lacking elsewhere in their musical space. Moments like ‘Heat’ and ‘Getting Old’ are straight up experimental and bohemian in part, but feel very much at home among the duo’s more functional tracks. Part trippy and ascending, part focussed and easy flowing, the various dynamics of the EP are a surefire indicator of where L’ENFANT are making the experimental indie dance soundwaves both accessible and interesting to the modern market.
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