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We caught up with Ecuador based DJ and Producer Gozzo to chat about his career and find out a little bit about himself.

Hi Gozzo, how are you and what’s going on in your world at the moment?
Hi! I’m feeling great and I am glad to be taking my career to the next level. I’ve been doing remixes and small projects but now I am ready to release songs of my own and official remixes this year.

Where are you currently based?
I am currently based in Quito, Ecuador, South America for those who don´t know where it is lol. Most people identify the country because of Galapagos Islands.

How would you describe your sound?
My sound this year will be different to the typical mainstream releases, but they will still be commercial. I don’t like to take other tracks and use them as references; I prefer to start my projects from scratch and experiment with different sounds. My tracks will be really different but you’ll still be able to go crazy to them at raves and also listen to them while doing your homework and relaxing.

Who were your influences growing up?
My influences… At first I loved to listen to 80s Rock, then I started to listen to Metal (Heavy, Trash, White, Black). After that, Dubstep was something that really caught my attention and I started to go deeper into the EDM world. At the end I fell in love with all kinds of music from across the world. I do respect the following artist and bands a lot (Biggest Influences); Dream Theater, Nightwish, Megadeth, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, David Guetta, Knife Party, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Alesso, Kygo, Tiesto, Jess Glynne, Sia and Pitbull.

How did you get involved in the Dance music business?
I was a Music Production teacher at my own school in Quito. Then I started to collaborate with other teachers and one thing lead to another.

Where would you like to see yourself in the months ahead?
I would love to be remixing and collaborating with the biggest artists on the planet and have fun doing what I love music – music!

Which is your ultimate career dream?
Definitely collaborating with Sia and David Guetta! After that I can die in peace.

What’s been your career highlight so far?
So far, being in top 10 of Hyppedit charts in Soundcloud twice. Right now I have not been involved in huge awards but I love to see that more and more people are listening to my music and enjoying it – that is a good sign of how well my career is growing.

Who’s inspiring you in 2017?
I cannot find inspiration on a contemporary artist. My main inspiration comes from the past and from different artists. I think that my mood influences the type of music I listen to and I get inspired from it.

If you could choose, who would you like to collaborate with?
As I said before, David Guetta and Sia! I would love to work with Jess Glynne too.

Tell us something not many people know about Gozzo?
I am an Economist and love Mexican food.

Anything to add/shout outs?
I want to make a career for myself in the Dance music industry and also be a well-respected music production teacher across the world.

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