Guy Gerber told Huffington Post that music should be “strong and painful” when discussing his new collaborative project with LED designer and fellow musician Deniz Kurtel, titled “Here Comes The Rain.” The song exudes melancholic overtones thanks to a haunting piano progression and rattly sound effects in the background that do indeed speak to dreary, rainy days. Despite these aspects, “Here Comes The Rain” manages to maintain a dreamy atmosphere as well, peppered with rhythmic drums and moving vocal samples that give off a hopeful undertone which balances out its more sorrowful counterparts.

The track is slated for a January 27 release on Rumors, after circulating for roughly two years. Its long-awaited release comes at an opportune time, emulating emotions the dance world experienced around excessive violence that has struck the community as of late while and allowing a peaceful and moving foundation to work through them.

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