Over the last handful of years, GRiZ and Gramatik have turned their similar visions of futuristic hip-hop and funk into a defined genre within the electronic dance music scene. Being so popular among many of the same listeners, it made complete sense for the two groove masters to join forces.

Much to the joy of their fans, they decided to do more than simply collaborate on a track or two and title it as “GRiZ x Gramatik;” they decided to create a new entity called GRiZMatik. With a number of singles under the GRiZMatik moniker, such as the genre-busting “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom” and the supremely funky “My People.”

The results of the duo’s newest joint labor is another piece of funk heaven called “As We Proceed.” The production quality of GRiZMatik has been great from the beginning, as both artists know their way around a synthesizer, to say the very least. On top of being well-versed in synthesis, the powerful staccato quality that they lean toward in many of their collaborative tracks shows they also know their compressors like the back of their hand.

However, “As We Proceed” takes their production to yet another level higher in caliber – much as both GRiZ and Gramatik have done with their latest albums, both released in 2016. A touch crisper in the higher registers and a tad tighter in the sub-sonic frequencies, every sonic aspect works together in constant pursuit of the funk, and it seems that neither artist will give up the chase anytime soon.

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