Although they broke onto the scene with a well-defined sound, Californian duo Dropout have been continuously refining their stylistic edges over the past couple of years. The outfit’s tracks have always held roots in modern indie music, which, when combined with their robust production, tend to lean toward the electronic end of the sonic spectrum.

Dropout have ranged stylistically in the past from focusing on dedicated electronic elements, to exploring pop sensibilities in their music, showcasing their expertise in a number of different sub-genres. However, with their latest track, “Handcrafted,” the two producers further expound upon the sound for which listeners are starting to know them. In doing so, the two dropouts Ray Nowak and Ethan Davis achieve a combination of indie and electronic elements that, during a time when the indie crossover scene is arguably getting to its saturation point, shows their high level of ingenuity.

A finger-plucked guitar melody sets the tone for the majority of the track, blending effortlessly with the heavily-affected vocals that have been a staple in Dropout’s releases since their early days. The nonchalant mid-tempo rhythm is sparingly defined by percussion, letting the vocal harmonies create a tasteful melange of melodies, strengthened with subtle background textures.

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