Anish Sood has been enchanting crowds all over the world with his vocally rich, melodic deep house productions since he began his DJ career in 2008, and now this Indian heavy hitter is back with his newest release “Donʹt Stop”, a collaboration with LA-based singer/songwriter Charlie Sputnik. “Donʹt Stop” is everything you want when taking your newest love interest to a dance club for the first time—its lighthearted melodies serve as a counteracting complement the sultry vocals, culminating for a track that possesses both emotional and dancefloor appeal. Weʹve come to expect nothing less from Anish Sood, who has become one of the most esteemed artists to break through the Indian dance music scene. He has demonstrated his prowess in producing both original creations, such as “Superfly”, and undeniably catchy remixes, which include the likes of ZHU and Radiohead. Although Soodʹs style tastefully ranges from breezy, melodic house to electro to techno-influenced beats, his music always possesses an innate groovy quality that few can replicate.

Apart from his obviously abilities as a DJ and producer, Anish has an intoxicating stage presence that has made him a fan favorite at festivals, clubs, and colleges in India and beyond. His stardom began in India, where he was named MyFavʹs DJ of the Year in 2014 and House DJ of the Year in both 2014 and 2015, in addition to winning a GiMA nomination for Electronica Single of the Year in 2016. In America, this is the equivalent of DJ Magʹs annual Top 100 poll and the Grammy Awards. Anish Soodʹs global reach has expanded with multiple large scale festival performances at EDC India, Tomorrowland, Amsterdam Dance Event and more; he even curated the ADE Global Sessions Mumbai conference in 2016 and will do so again in 2017. With support from some of the industryʹs most recognized DJs, such as Steve Angello, Axwell, Fedde le Grand, and Afrojack, Anish Sood is taking the world by storm and isnʹt stopping any time soon. Take a listen to “Donʹt Stop” and make your way to the nearest dance floor.

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