Work with us

You think you know enough about the EDM world?

People come to you to find out about new artists and music?

You have a good technical/software knowledge when it comes to EDM production?

EDM makes you REALLY happy?


We want you!

You might have what it takes to join our international staff, so drop us a line and tell us who you are , what you like and what you would do to contribute to “I Want EDM”.


Some of the benefits include…

Products review… yes, you get free rave gear and stuffs. Yes, you get to keep it.

Festivals media coverage… yes you get free tickets and PRESS passes.

Interviews with artists… you pick the DJ/Producers you like, talk to them and take photos.

Unreleased music… you get to listen and review new stuff before it’s released to the general public.


Sorry we are not accepting any more applications at the moment.

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