DoBadlyy: The Military Veteran Producers with a Purpose

DoBadlyy DJ/Producers

Back in December 2018, DJ duo Joe and Mike were strangers. While Joe was asking producers for feedback of his music, he stumbled upon Mike’s Instagram and decided to DM him for his critique. This chance encounter in such a massive network of producers on Instagram must have been fate, because their friendship and music is what led them down a new path as a duo known as DoBadlyy. The power of social media brought these two talented artists together, and now only six months later, the EDM world is about to find out who they are at this year’s Spring Awakening.

There is no question that their passion for their craft is part of who they are. Soon, Joe and Mike would discover that they both had another bond – they each served four years in the military. From 2014 – 2018, 24 year-old Joe served in the Navy and recently moved to Arizona while Mike served in the Army from 2005-2009, and lives in the state of Washington 1,500 away. They have yet to meet in person, and have been relying on hours and hours on FaceTime to work together from afar, but remained strong and determined in their commitment to DoBadlyy’s success.




DoBadlyy has earned the attention of the festival lineup curators, winning the Rise and Shine DJ contest for Spring Awakening 2019 with their dark and heavy sound that is very well produced and cohesive as if they were in the same room working together.  With Rezz and 1788-L on their list of favorite producers and influencers of their sound, DoBadlyy has also focused their efforts towards the message that also defines their name: that doing bad can be a good thing.

DoBadlyy wants to motivate young producers that their dream of making music can transform into a career. While many parents would say that is a bad move, they want their fans and fellow producers to know that one person’s definition of “bad” is another person’s “good”. If someone tells you that becoming a musician is a bad idea, DoBadlyy encourages you to push forward, work hard and follow your passion. The two “y’s” are representative of Joe and Mike, who individually have worked hard to get where they are today.

DoBadlyy is the Cinderella story of the EDM world and have defied the odds in so many ways, from the geographical distance between their homes to the eight year chronological age gap.  Most DJs take years to reach some of the big milestones in their career, but one that DoBadlyy can now cross off their list early is to play at a major festival like Spring Awakening. With the drive, determination and heart that they have cultivated from their life before music into their world today, DoBadlyy’s chance encounter turned DJ duo will be one of the industry’s stories that give the dreamers something to genuinely believe in.

Check out the lineup for Spring Awakening along with where you can listen to DoBadlyy before you go.






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DoBadlyy: The Military Veteran Producers with a Purpose

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