Behind the scenes of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ remix with US




Ubaldo and Sober, the masterminds behind the US moniker, met online and began their career in dance music. Taking culture from 2 of the world’s most vibrant electronic music countries, the duo have merged their sonic imprints into a trademark sound that is distinctly their own. To mark the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s passing; US have produced a stunning remix of Nirvana’s most well known song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, we caught up with US to discuss some behind the scenes exclusives.


What made you want to remix ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’?

Just the love of the original, we love remixing classics and testing ourselves and pushing our artistic abilities.


Did you feel any pressure remixing such an iconic song?

No, not at all! We found that confidence and feeling free is key.


What was the inspiration behind the musicality of this track?

The inspiration came from the core essence of the original, rock n roll hard-core feel but EDM styled. We did it to celebrate Nirvana and pay tribute to the legend that is Kurt Cobain.


What has the reaction been like to this remix?

Most people have loved it so far; we’re really pleased, so far so good!


Do you prefer making remixes or original productions and why?

Both, music is music and we just love making music. Remixes are our chance to put our little twist on a song.


What tips have you got for any producers looking to create a standout remix?

Respect the original, and be a fan of the artist before even considering remixing their music. If you haven’t got that love for the artists you won’t have respect for the track.


Give us a remix of any song that you thought was amazing?

Have you heard ’Smells Like Teen Spirit’ US remix? lol that’s all you need!


What plans have you got career wise this summer?

This summer we want to just enjoy our latest music, whether that’s DJ’ing or going back to the studio.


When can we expect another release from US?

Sooner than you think.


Finally, where can we go to download your version of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’?

You can download it via our Soundcloud page the remix is available for free download. Here is the link:

US Music Online