Geo is a must-see artist at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas

In a few weeks, Electric Daisy Carnival (also known as EDC) will be opening the gates to the Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada to over 140,000 people. This year, EDC Las Vegas takes place May 17, 18 and 19 and continues to be one of the most iconic festivals in the U.S. The lineup this year has over 200 artists that will perform over the three day event. If giant crowds and camping are a deterrent in any way, then EDC Week may be your answer.

From May 15-22, the clubs in Vegas will be taken over by many of the same DJs that were playing to tens of thousands of people a few hours earlier. For some, the mission is not to see the headliners, but to find new music that speaks to them in the environment it was meant to be experienced. EDC Week may be worth saying an extra day or two, depending on who is playing where.

This EDC in Vegas, one of the most anticipated new artists to see perform is Geo. He has made a huge impact in the hard dance community with his rapid, upbeat style and the long, impressive list of artists that he plays shows with. Over the past few years, Geo has shared the stage with a long list of DJs including GTA, Junkie Kid and Darren Styles.

His music is high energy, and he has mastered the art of infusing different genres like hip hop, rock-n-roll and Spanish into his own signature style. His recently released a remix of Tiesto’s “Lethal Industry” that incorporates Geo’s harder sound but keeps the heart of the song as Tiesto’s. In this track, the chorus from Tiesto’s version is easy to distinguish in this remix, and the tempo is faster but still turns the song into something unique on its own.

If you happen to be in Hollywood, California on Saturday, April 27th, Geo will be playing at the Palladium as support for Party Favor, who is the headliner and Brohug is a special guest on the lineup. The first stop in Las Vegas for Geo is The Stratosphere Hotel on Thursday to perform at the Basscon Pool Party, getting the fans excited for EDC. Geo’s next scheduled performance is Sunday during EDC. His stage presence, energy and interactions with the crowd are what his fans love, and he will be bringing it all with him for this year’s EDC.


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Geo is a must-see artist at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas

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