Alex Vela brings pure, happy energy to the dance world with his new track “Tell Me”. The summer might not be here just yet, but this song will keep it around all year long. “Tell Me” has a strong hook and a sound that definitely has “song of the summer” potential. This track has versatility as well, and could be a good fit for the clubs and the beach parties.

Tell Me starts off strong and keeps spirits up, with a vibrant chord driven intro. The faint beat heard in the background stays behind the chords and then builds over the course of the first minute of the song. It feels like a song to listen to on a road trip, with the warm, melodic chords making a strong impression for the first minute or so of this song.

As the bass builds to the first drop, the song goes into pure house-mode and the beat becomes the focus of the track. EDM lovers will certainly be happy with what can be heard after the drop when the song goes from sounding like a pop song to a song with a beat that is unmistakably house, with the bold, repeatable lyrics and steady rhythm that is meant to be danced to.

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