Znas – Just A Fool

Znas is back with another stand out production titled ‘Just A Fool’. This time influenced by more melodic Techno and Deep House sounds, Znas has fused the two genres together to create this harmonic masterpiece. Znas has carefully layered atmospheric elements and the swell of various synths before exposing you to the soothing, stunning female vocals midway through. With both a club mix and original version this is set to be one of Znas’ best tracks yet.

Znas began his career in music in publishing for electronic dance music and has now propelled himself into the spotlight as a producer with some brilliant releases such as ‘F!RE’ and ‘Ethereal’. After gaining support from the legend StoneBridge, Znas is certainly making his way to the top.

Znas will be releasing ‘Just A Fool’ on his own label Znas Music on the 1st December.

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Znas – Just A Fool

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